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Business Consulting

Traditional consulting projects to face challenges in one or several operational areas of the company (sales, marketing, procurement, production, logistics, HR and IT among others).

As transformation agents, we identify bottlenecks that delay or prevent results from being achieved and define specific initiatives to reverse the situation.

Operational Efficiency and Innovation

Opportunities created by new technologies contribute to more efficient operations, reducing costs and making the company more agile. These are important differentiators when targeting customers who demand quicker solutions.
We look for market-ready technologies that adapt to the company’s investment profile, defining projects for its successful implementation.

Another relevant aspect refers to the company’s innovation model. Not to be confused with continuous improvement, innovating internally or outsourcing is a recurring discussion in companies of all sizes.
We assist in make-or-buy decisions and in the selection of cost-effective, legally sound solutions.



Good governance is the foundation for a sustainable organization, one that is prepared to navigate constant changes in the business landscape.
Aside from creating a professional management environment, good governance significantly improves the perception of those that interact with the organization, from employees, unions and financial institutions, to suppliers, the government and society.

Therefore, we seek to understand the organization’s ownership structure and management systems, addressing strategic planning, budgeting, auditing, reporting, IT integration, among others. The integrated approach to these topics creates value for the organization, while also mitigating the risks of its activities in the short and long term.

Strategic Partnerships

For different reasons, organizations may decide to seek strategic partnerships. Hiring an independent team to look for potential partners, make unbiased assessments and obtain relevant information reduces the company’s exposure and preserves its interests before a decision is made.

We act in a prudent and reserved manner, seeking and evaluating convergent alternatives, that are aligned with the company’s objectives.

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Organizational Restructuring

Many companies have good products and a solid reputation, but the financial metrics are not compatible with management’s expectations. An inadequate organizational structure can be an obstacle when trying to keep up with market changes.

We identify opportunities for improvement in workflows, processes, structures and systems, realigning them with the current realities and objectives of the business. We also develop plans to implement the proposed measures, with an emphasis on the technical and personal aspects.

Succession Planning and Leadership

One of the greatest challenges for companies, especially family businesses, is to identify the right time to start a succession process. Appointing and preparing a family successor or promoting an executive to a key position is crucial to the success and continuity of the company and its businesses.

The mentoring of the appointed professional is an alternative that has been adopted by many companies in preparing executives, shortening the time to measurable results.

We assist in identifying the right timing for a succession process, and in the process of preparing the successor.


Legal and Tax Consulting*

In order to offer more comprehensive projects to meet the needs of our clients, we address legal and regulatory issues, especially those related to tax regulations.

This work fundamentally seeks to prevent losses due to inadequate internal processes but can also include the eligibility assessment for special tax regimes or incentives, as well as the identification of opportunities to minimize the tax burden or even the possible refund of unduly paid taxes.

All work is carried out with full observance of the applicable legislation, following strict compliance rules and industry best practices, thus preserving the legal security of the company and consequently of their shareholders.

*This work, as well as others pertaining to legal issues, are carried out by our partners at VDAF Ventura, Duarte, Alves & Filippo – Advogados e Consultores (www.vdaf.com.br)

International Support

Establishing a business base in emerging countries can be a good investment opportunity for companies based in countries with mature economies and limited growth opportunities.

Brazil being the 2nd largest economy in the Americas and the 9th world economy, is the 1st option to be considered in South America. The recent agreement between the European Union and Mercosul further reinforces Brazil as a favorable growth platform.

Foreign companies are exploring good opportunities in our country and many medium and small foreign companies, from different sectors, have already made the move, building relations with Brazilian companies and reaping good results.

Through the design and development of international partnerships, Convergentia supports national companies that seek to exchange technology and create joint ventures, among other possibilities with companies abroad.